rhapsodic dreams

Dream Journal

dreamed on July 22, 2008

There was a row of toilets facing a large, busy room. I sat on one warily, next to a couple of women chatting. I pushed the seat back like a recliner. The whole chair leaned back into a cover, far enough for complete privacy, but at an odd angle for urinating. I peed at that strange angle, but worried that the urine was going to run down my back.

The chair had been built for shorter people than I, and my head was squished along the plastic side of the chair cover. I hoped it was clean, because I had no other choice but to leave my head against it.

The angle of the chair wasn’t stable for my size or weight: the center of gravity was off. While I was still peeing, the chair righted itself. I quickly pushed the chair back again so I could fully empty my bladder.

When done and the chair had been righted, I needed to pull up my high-high blue socks and pull down my skirt without flashing anyone. My skirt was tucked into the top of my socks, and the more I tried to pull up my socks the more my skirt got stuck. i didn’t want to draw people’s attention by making a big scene, but needed to untuck my skirt.

Themes: Toilet